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Corporate Business Services

An attorney is involved in an Incorporate Person’s operation organization throughout. A corporate counsel can cooperate with an attorney for the sake of high efficiency. Only the corporate counsel is practically unable to cover and solve all the legal matters of a company as each branch of law demands deep knowledge and regular keeping track of legal innovations.

Concluding an Office Solution Agreement guarantees your business:

• All the legal issues are under strict control
• Your business is provided with qualified attorney with more than 12 years background
• Any negotiations are hold with high degree of efficiency, all the disputes are to be settled with minimum losses
• Attorney’s extensive practice let your business solve the most difficult disputes
• The attorney-client privilege makes all the information about client’s operations secret for other persons and organizations
• The attorney provides a business and its executives with protection in criminal and administrative cases
• Cooperation with the attorney grants economic benefits for business and reduces expenses connected with supplies of its own legal department


Personal Attorney

"Personal Attorney" package allows You to solve any legal problem quickly and efficiently.

  1. Client receives a plastic card with information about the program and emergency phone numbers of an Attorney
  2. Upon presentation of the card, law enforcement officers are obliged to notify the Attorney immediately
  3. Your Attorney cooperates with various government agencies and law enforcement agencies, what makes it possible to find solutions immediately
  4. The cardholder and his family receive the best discounts when you obtain any other Attorney’s service or package.

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